Warsaw Animation Film Festival

I’m very proud to announce that the Warsaw Animation Film Festival, an event launched by me and my friend Ewelina, has successfully commenced it’s first edition.

Our goal in bringing to life the first edition of the Warsaw Animation Festival was to nurture the awareness of animation as a medium not only aimed at entertaining and educating young audiences, but also a powerful and diverse artistic statement with power to change the world.

The festival’s competition program consisted of the latest International and Polish shorts and was accompanied by special screenings of animation documentary films, music clips, meetings and workshops.

We want to offer our capital an annual event devoted to celebrating the art of animation and hope that with your support it will become an integral and living part of the city’s culture scene.

The Jury of the first edition:

Piotr Dumała: renoved director of animated short films and features, set designer and script writer, author of posters, comics, press and book illustrations, short stories and lyrics. Professor at the Lodz Film School, Fine Arts Academy in Gdansk, Konstfack College of Arts Eksjo and Harvard University.

Marta Pajek: author of awarded shorts: Snepowina, Impossible figures and other stories, and III nominated in the Cannes Short Film Competition. One of the most interesting animation directors of the young generation.

Piotr Kardas: creator and director of the Polish Animation Festival O!Pla as well as Rising of Lusitania Animadoc Film Festival. Initiator and Programming Director of the indonesian festival of animated films CRAFT. Koordinator or Stoptrik International Film Festival.

Wojtek Wawszczyk: film director, scriptwriter and illustrator. In the years 2003-2005 he cooperated with Digital Domain and Disney. He directed nearly 200 animated adds and created awarded film and tv series like “Jeż Jerzy”, “Kacperiada”, “Drzazga”.

Hanna Margolis: author of animated films, historian of art and researcher of polish animated film. She’s the author of publications and books about animation.

Tomek Suwalski: writed and director specializing both in live-action and animated projects. He writes fiction, screenplays and comic books. Currently cooperating with Platige Image.


The Awarded films:

GRAND PRIX of the Professional Competiton for I’M GOING OUT FOR CIGARETTES by  Osman Cerfon! The Jury – Piotr Dumała, Marta Pajek and Piotr Kardas chose: a deeply touching, intimate portrait of a family, full of excellent observations. Witty, wise and not and not obvious in the slightest.

The Jury of the professional competition gave Special Mention  to YEAR by Małgorzata Bosek-Serafińska, an innovative in form, intimate and touching story about a close person leaving.

GRAND PRIX of the Young Animation Competition as well as the Special PLATIGE Award goes to THE STAINTED CLUB by Melanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang, Beatrice Viguier – for a great film that shows an important social issue from the perspective of children. Every violence, not only phisical, leaves a stain. It’s a story of how children incluenced by violence learn to deal with it together.

The Young Animation Jury – Wojtek Wawszczyk, Hanna Margolis and Tomek Suwalski has given a Special Mention to NORMA by Agata Mianowska-Zamarło, for the minimalism of well-used resources. They’re only there when they’re needed – which goes with the theme of the film. I am enough – I am who I am and I accept it. It’s an important film showing how only acceptation can lead to change.

The AUDIENCE AWARD goes to ACID RAIN by Tomek Popakul. The film also received the Jury’s Special Mention for a bare, hypnotizing, formally consistent road movie about getting lost and hopeless in the search of relating to and finding one’s place.

Special mention goes to RAIN by Piotr Milczarek – a minimalistic, intelligent satire, where under the layer of humor resides a deep diagnose of the current state of the spirit of western society.

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