Tessa Moult-Milewska (born 1990) is a Warsaw-based writer and animation director. She’s the winner of the National Tv Channel competition Dolina Kreatywna as well as the 5th Papaya Young Directors. In 2016 her film debut produced by Studio Munka – Creatures, received the Sundance Channel Grand Jury Award and was one of the most screened abroad polish animations of the year. She’s the creator and writer of the animated tv series Sara and the Scarecrow and is currently working as director on the tv series Tappi the Viking and Pompik Bison, both produced by EGo Film. Her next short film – Jutka and the Minotaur is currently in production.

Tessa studied film directing at the Warsaw Film School and graduated from the Czech Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek in 2011. She studied script development for tv series at La Poudriere, France, as well as shadow theatre at ISI Solo, Indonesia. In 2019 she created the first and only animation festival in Warsaw – Warsaw Animation Film Festival.

Tessa is looking for jobs as a freelance writer and director, but her dream is to be part of a creative, passionate and ambitious film studio. She is currently represented by the production agency High Spot.


Download portfolio:

In English:  Tessa Moult-Milewska Portfolio 2019

In Polish: Tessa Moult Portfolio PL 2019 hl


+48 728 655 142


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